competence for production value

competence for production value

two multi-instrumentalists exploiting the potential of both modern synth sounds and acoustic elements. Where standard libraries reach their limits, G&N raise the production value by recording, mixing and mastering all kinds of real instruments, percussion or hardware synths in their own professional recording studio.


2016 – Unheimliche Geschichten (1919) – Richard Oswald (UFA-Filmnächte)

2017 – Leg dich nicht mit Klara an – Mia Spengler (Sat1)

2019 – Fluss des Lebens: Yukon – Ruf der Wildnis – Mia Spengler (ZDF)

2019 – Der Club der singenden Metzger – Uli Edel (ARD) („Bayerischer Fernsehpreis“ Best film score 2020)

2021 – Du Sie Er & Wir – Florian Gottschick (Netflix)

2021 – Legal Affairs (Season 1) – Randa Chahoud & Stefan Bühling (ARD)

2023 – Weihnachtspäckchen – Stefan Bühling (ZDF)

2024 – Charité (Staffel 4) – Esther Bialas (ARD)

The G&N Approach

emphasizing contrasts, creating synergies, serving the picture

The G&N Sound

modern, organic, pictorial

The G&N Product

A unique, tailor-made soundtrack for your project with a crystal clear final master